Sunday, April 25, 2010

HP, really?

Today I visited my blog to see if I had any comments and the first advertisement I saw was an HP one. That reminds me of my poor experience with my HP laptops. I have owned HP Pavilion dv9730us for about two years now. First the Caps Lock stopped working. Press it and you are in caps lock mode, press it again, nothing happens. Press Shift and its back to normal mode. This is despite the fact that I prefer to use shift and rarely use caps (mostly to check if the system is responsive). That the oddest behavior I have seen for a keyboard. Then it was the mouse buttons near the touch-pad even though I have been using a USB mouse mostly. They simply don't work now. The DVD-RW stopped reading any kind of disks. I have not used the drive much during the 2 years, read probably 10-15 disks, burned less than 10 DVDs and now its not reading any disks. The battery only lasts 15 minutes in Balanced Mode. In the current state, its not even in a state to be re-sold. I have made up my mind that the next laptop will be a Dell and I never recommend a HP to anyone. I will be probably looking at something like the following:

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  1. HP Laptops suck big time. HP Support should be repackaged as vaccum cleaners. Bunch of dumbasses who wouldn't know a chip from a pimple on their asses.

    Never ever ever again HP.